you're pretty and energetic and nice and smart and fun and you have big boobs and a nice tummy and you're open about your life and it seems like it'd be easy to connect with you

yeah thats me online tho. I aint no open book in the real wooorldd

will you marry me i'll love you a lot and everything else and stuff

why do only people online love me

Are you worried about your ex being with another girl? I just got out of a relationship and I'm having a hard time coping

Nope! I broke up with him for a reason. I hope he goes out and finds someone who can love whole heartedly, in a way I could never. Everyone deserves love.

Here’s a pano of my messy room.

Timestamp: 1411263327

Hi. You're really cute. How messy is your room or are you just too lazy to get pick your clothes off your floor after taking them off?

Hehehe I’m almost done cleaning - ish. I’ll post a pic

hi pretty lady how are you?

BORED, waiting for my friend to get up and cleaning my roooom.



Too much light but whatever

too much pretty w/e

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